Navy Wives Stick Together

Us Navy wives need to stick together, for our husbands aren't always there. So come in and meet new people who live the same life you do. There the best friends you'll ever have.
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 Helllllllllllllllllo Fayette-nam...

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PostSubject: Helllllllllllllllllo Fayette-nam...   Mon Aug 18, 2008 9:54 pm


So if anyone has any info on Special Forces lemme know...not that any of you ladies would...

But I totally understand why it is hard to find info and why SF families dont want to elaborate on the career...but Im trying to see what I'm in for.

We hung out with a couple whose hubby use to be plain old 82nd Infantry.She told me that basically they take care of SF wives but not the regular 82nd infantry families.All the things I hate about SOME Navy Wives is pretty much tripled in the Army.Stuff like that.

I dont really care about the length of deployments...but like how the clincs are on post,how hard/long the waitlist is for post housing (cause BAH for Fayetteville is like $860 so we figure we might as well live on post.)

Im gonna try to find some Army forums to lurk around on...Myspace groups didn't help much.

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Helllllllllllllllllo Fayette-nam...
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