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Us Navy wives need to stick together, for our husbands aren't always there. So come in and meet new people who live the same life you do. There the best friends you'll ever have.
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 ChaCha Guide!

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NWST Girl all The Way!!
NWST Girl all The Way!!

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PostSubject: ChaCha Guide!   Wed Aug 27, 2008 6:46 pm

Hey girlies! I just wanted to share this new thing that I have been doing. It's called ChaCha and it's super sweet because you can work from your home computer, whatever hours you want, however many hours you want and you don't need any special training or programs or any crap like that. If you just go to , down on the bottom left hand side it says Become A Guide? Just click on that and please make sure to use my email address! Thanks ladies! - Rachel

Anyone want to be a ChaCha guide?

You can use my email as your referral:

I have been given 20 spots to refer. First 20 who pass the simulator test and are accepted get the job.

Here is some basic information on ChaCha. Use Mozilla Firefox and go to to sign up.

Good Luck All! Start making that money.

What is ChaCha?
ChaCha is a human-powered search and answers service. We deliver answers via txt or PC, anytime, anywhere.

Is there someone really answering my questions?
Yes, ChaCha is powered by live people who answer your questions 24/7. So ask away, and tell your friends! Text 242242 or call 800-2ChaCha.

Is this a scam?
Not at all. ChaCha is a real service, powered by live people, who answer your questions 24/7. Ask away! Visit for details.

Is this available 24 hours a day?
Yes, ChaCha is powered by live people who answer your questions 24/7. Text or call in your Q any time of the day. And tell your friends!
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Recruiter's Office
Recruiter's Office

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PostSubject: Whoops!   Tue Oct 07, 2008 4:44 pm

Hey! I'm a ChaCha guide too! Isn't it awesome?! I can't believe there's another guide in this forum! I'm actually shocked! haha
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ChaCha Guide!
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