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Us Navy wives need to stick together, for our husbands aren't always there. So come in and meet new people who live the same life you do. There the best friends you'll ever have.
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 finally back

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Bootcamp Graduation Day!
Bootcamp Graduation Day!

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PostSubject: finally back   Sat Oct 11, 2008 1:22 am

Well girls im finally back,.. and i find out its closing.. omg im soo freakin sad.. but anyways..

everything is good i made it to Indiana but my laptop is completely fried waiting till next payday(15th) to get a new one... on my moms now.. Brandon is gone now.. and im getting through though.. i really miss him but ive been so freakin busy havent even had time to think about it.. my daughter and i both are pretty sick(colds) i tuink the weather change did it for us, haha But im going to add the other site.. just in case some of you girls dont make on there then message me for my number if you want to keep in touch or last name: Overton
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finally back
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